What is TRG Offers? 

Tyre Realty Group is one of Eastern North Carolina's top real estate teams. Part of our mission, is to make selling your home as stress-free as possible. So we launched TRG Offers, to provide our clients with a fast and convenient option to sell on their house. And our clients love it! TRG Offers is the cash offer that homeowners will receive if they want to skip the stress of the traditional sales process. Homeowners in Eastern North Carolina can request a cash offer from the Tyre Realty Group by providing their address and answering some basic questions about their home. TRG will then schedule a home visit and you will have an offer within 72 hours! Simple and easy. 

What happens if I accept the offer? 

We will schedule a home inspection at your earliest convenience. If the inspection looks good, you pick when you want to move, and we will arrange the rest. Our goal is to make it as easy and straightforward as possible. 

What if I want to list my home the traditonal way? 

That's the great thing about Tyre Realty Group. We have the ability to make a TRG Offer or list your home the traditional way. We believe in compete transparency. So we will let you know what we can net on the open market, and also what we can offer with the stress-free, immediate TRG Offer. You choose which is best for you. And that's our main goal. To create the ideal selling experience for our clients. 

Does it cost anything to request an offer? 

Nope. It is free to request and receive an offer from the Tyre Realty Group. 

Are there any hidden fees? 

Absolutely not. That is the reason we starter this program. We want a simple, bottom-line cash offer to clients. The offer you receive, is the exact cash you'll receive if you decide to sell. 

Will I have to show my house to strangers? 

No. That's part of the convenience! Other than the inspection and closing walk through, you will not be disturbed at all before you move out and the sale closes. 

Will I have to make repairs? 

Nope. As long as the house is as described, and there are no major repairs found at inspection (e.g. roof needs to be replaced), you will not have to make ANY repairs. We will do all the repair work after you move out. 

Why is TRG buying houses? 

It's simple. We want to make it easier and more enjoyable to sell your home. We believe the more options, the more convenient it is to sell your home, the more everyone wins. And because we are a real estate agency, our job is to deal with all the small stuff. So if we buy a property, we typically invest in repairs, deal with regulations, schedule showings, pay the carrying cost, and hopefully resell the property at a small profit.