What to Expect When You’re Inspecting.

What to Expect When You’re Inspecting

Home inspections can be comforting, exciting, and exhausting all at the same time. You are able to take a look into your new home and know the exact condition you’ll be living in. A home inspection is not necessarily a list of problems on your plate, but an instructor’s manual that gives you the necessary checklist to allow for home maintenance. Want to make sure you get the most out of your inspections? Here are some expectations for inspections:

Find an Inspector

A licensed, professional contractor will need to conduct the inspection of your home. At Tyre Realty Group, there are vendors that we prefer to work with as we believe they provide the same great customer service that we strive to provide each client. Your TRG agent will provide you with our preferred vendor list and give you the option to choose to work with them or select another service provider that you prefer. The objective is to get the best inspector to provide a comprehensive overview of the home you are purchasing, provide feedback for repairs, and set you up for success in moving forward. 

Develop a Checklist

Although you can expect a very thorough home inspection, it is encouraged to develop a checklist of areas you want your home inspector to pay special attention. There are several items that you want to be included in your home inspection report, including: foundation, lot, roof, exterior, attic, interior evidence of leaks, basement, electrical, plumbing, appliances, heating/cooling system, and odor. If any of these areas are not included in your home inspection report, ask further questions.

Receive Full Disclosure

One thing you can expect during your home inspection is a seller’s disclosure statement. This statement helps you identify any additional issues you may want your inspector to examine in your home. Disclosure requirements may vary by state or local jurisdictions; however, one area you may want to give extra attention is work that has been completed without the proper permits. Should you ever choose to remodel your home and the proper permits are not on file, it will be your responsibility for your house to be up to code. Keep your home inspector notified of the disclosure statement so they will be able to prioritize specific areas of your home.

Prepare for Inspection

Your home inspection will take quite a few hours, and that is to be expected. It’s a process that you do not want to rush. You will want to follow along with your inspector as much as possible and be ready to answer any questions your home inspector may have. Your agent can also be present during the inspection along with the seller’s agent. At Tyre Realty Group, our agents are very knowledgeable in the home inspection process and will be able to provide answers to the home inspectors as well. 

Tyre Realty Group agents are experts in working with clients to complete home inspections among other important aspects of home buying. Tyre Realty works with vendors in Greenville, NC as a result of their commitment to the local community. Some of the preferred vendors of Tyre Realty Group include:

  • The Jones Law Firm, P.A. - Steve Jones
  • Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group - Grant Barker
  • Advanced Moving and Storage
  • Delcor
  • Mr. Power Clean - Steven West
  • Murphy’s Landscaping - Brian Murphy
  • Pestech
  • M & S Home Inspections - Mike Benson
  • Waters Carpet Center, Inc. - Buddy Waters

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