The Perfect Margarita for Quarantine (recipe)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! This time last year, millions of Americans help our neighbors to the South celebrate the Battle of Puebla to honor the 1862 victory over Napoleon III and his French armies. Typically, we all flock to our nearest Mexican restaurant and toast with a margarita. However, with pandemic concerns, Pitt County residents are unable to visit their favorite Mexican spot. Don't be afraid of missing out on your margaritas, TRG is here to coach you through the perfect margarita that you can make at home.

First, here are the ingredients you will need: ice, a bag (or two) of limes (depends on how much you plan on drinking), oranges, ice, your choice of tequila, and your choice of triple sec. Also, if you would rather use sour mix and orange juice in lieu of lime juice and orange juice, you may.

I prefer a rocks glass, but any glass will work. Cut a lime wedge, and rub the lime wedge across the rim of the glass. On a plate, pour out some salt and then take the rim of the glass and place it into the salt. If you do not prefer a salted rim, skip this step. Next, fill your cup all the way up to the brim with ice. Then, you can either build your drink in the glass or, if you have shaker tins, put more ice into the tins and build your drink from there. 

Either in your glass or your tins, pour 2 ounces of your choice tequila. Personally, I prefer Avion or Hornitos. Next, pour 1 1/2 ounces of triple sec, or Cointreau if you are feeling frisky. An ounce of fresh-squeezed lime juice (or sour mix) is added. After that, comes the secret ingredient that makes this margarita recipe perfect: 1/2 ounce of fresh-squeezed orange juice. Orange juice cuts a bit of the sourness from the limes and a little of the harshness of tequila by injecting a tad bit of sweetness. It also elevates your triple sec or Cointreau. If you have been building this drink in your tins, give it a good shake and pour it into your glass (over the ice). For those of you building the drink in your glass, give the drink a good stir.

Lastly, remember not to drink and drive. If you are planning to get takeout from your favorite local Mexican restaurant, make sure to pick your food up before you start to enjoy your perfect margarita. After you're all set, enjoy your drink responsibly.

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