Greenville is ‘On Trend’

Greenville is ‘On Trend’

Would you believe it if I told you that Greenville is the number one city in the United States experiencing residential growth? According to the Updater, the 2020 moving destinations report stated that “Americans departed the largest, most densely populated cities in the United States and took to smaller cities.”

So, here’s my question: why are people moving to Greenville and how are you going to make the move here?

Why are people moving to Greenville?

As a Greenville native for over 20 years, I’ve seen the atmosphere and local community in Greenville, North Carolina grow into a place I never want to leave. This ‘on trend’ community fosters small business and creates an inclusive environment. The opportunities for the average person are at your fingertips now more than ever. You have the opportunity to live in homes that create welcoming environments for young couples and space for growing families.  

How to make the move to Greenville?

The real estate options are simple, but competitive residential growth can be difficult. Greenville, North Carolina is filled with real estate that is appropriate for all stages of life, from the uptown district to the suburbs. Jason Ebeling, realtor at Tyre Realty Group says, “ I can’t imagine being a buyer in this current market without having a skilled agent working on your side and on your behalf. It’s really satisfying to have been able to help my clients come out on top in these very competitive times.” Although the real estate in Greenville is easy to choose from, it’s important to have a team that supports and helps you make the right decision. Tyre Realty Group is the top-selling real estate team of buyers agents and listing agents that have helped people relocate to Greenville and the surrounding areas as well as from out of state. Helping 330 families find a home in the area in 2020, Tyre Realty Group is focused on service and community, just like this growing town.

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