Greenville Eats - The Scullery

Greenville Eats - The Scullery

Tyre Realty Group aims to be more than just a real estate company. Greenville has some of the best restaurants in North Carolina, and we want to spotlight and review these hard-working restauranteurs. First stop... The Scullery.


Our readers may find The Scullery on the intersection of Evans Street and 5th Street in the Uptown District of Greenville. This college-style cafe has parking on Evans Street, is diagonal across from Five Points Plaza parking lot, or a less than five-minute walk from the parking deck on 4th Street. The atmosphere is quaint and the music is suitable for all ages. Chalkboards are a common theme throughout the restaurant. All of their specials are written on various chalkboards found behind their coffee bar. The tables are topped with a chalkboard surface and there is chalk supplied on the tables to entertain children and adults.


The best impression is made by the staff. The servers are all polite and caring, and it is not uncommon to see servers helping customers that are not their own. The staff is exactly what you would expect from a college cafe: energetic and eager to help. From our vantage point, we could peer into the kitchen. The kitchen crew worked together well and pushed food out quickly. We did not notice any food being returned and their ticket times are exemplary. We visited The Scullery during lunch hours and was in-and-out in under an hour.


The Scullery is known throughout Greenville for their homemade ice cream. While we did not test any of their ice cream in this visit, their ice cream has been tested in previous visits. Their ice cream will not disappoint and may even compete with your grandmother's homemade ice cream.

Along with their ice cream, they have a multitude of custom beverages. Their coffee bar has a drink for everyone. During our visit, an iced vanilla latte was sampled and did not disappoint. The Scullery also creates its own soda drink and ice cream drinks.

The Scullery boasts a tasty breakfast and lunch menu. Parts of their menu is seasonal, so do not be shocked if your favorite today is not on the menu next month. Since we visited The Scullery during lunch, we tried two lunch entrees.

For the first lunch entree, we decided to try a seasonal item from their menu: Fried Avocado Tacos. These tacos (pictured in the blog) are light and refreshing. Made with corn tortillas, a bed of lettuce hosts tomatoes, jalapenos, corn, sour cream, and, of course, sliced, fried avocados. The jalapenos provide a nice heat and pairs well with the soothing coolness of the sour cream. The corn and tomatoes add a fresh element to the dish that parries well with the fried avocados. The fried avocados provide a crunch to the taco that is unlike anything else in Greenville.

The second lunch item we tried was Birds the Word. This is a very hearty, pulled chicken sandwich. On a toasted onion roll, the Birds the Word has roasted chicken, avocado, bacon, carmelized onions, pepperjack cheese and basil mayo. The Scullery does not skimp on any ingredients for this sandwich. Actually, we recommend using a knife and fork for this behemoth. The sandwich is savory and extremely flavorful. By pulling the chicken apart, the sandwich is able to keep moisture in the kitchen. The carmelized onions, fat from the avocado and a little bit of heat from the pepperjack cheese make this a mouth-watering delight. Then, the pallette will receive a bit of the basil mayo to break-up all of the savoriness.  You will not leave hungry with this mammoth sandwich.

Overall Experience

Not only is the staff polite and helpful, but the food is delicious. If you are looking for lunch under an hour with unique flavors and pairings, give the Scullery a try. Since their restuarant has a warm, inviting feel, this a great spot to escape work stress for breakfast or lunch, even if it is for an hour.

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