Get to Know Greenville - State Theatre

Get to Know Greenville - State Theatre

Re-opened in January of this year, the State Theatre has been part of the Greenville community since it was built in 1914. Located in the heart of the Uptown district on 5th Street, in between Starlight Cafe and Winslow's Deli, the State Theatre is resurging to become Eastern North Carolina's premier live music venue.

Brief History

Originally built in 1914 by Samuel Tilden White, the State Theatre was originally known as White Theatre. In 1926, White sold the Theatre and subsequently began a new business venture, White's Department Store, located on Dickinson Avenue. Then, in 1930, Publix-Saenger took control of the venue and re-named it State Theatre. From 1933 to 1956, Wilby-Kincey in partnership with North Carolina Theatres ran the State Theatre until it was forced to close down due to the widespread use of drive-in theatres and influx of televisions flooding personal homes. A new management group (Stewart & Everett) decided to re-open the State Theatre. After a remodeling effort in 1971, the State Theatre's name was changed again to The Park. After years of operation, in 1982, The Park became a second-run theatre offering tickets for as low as $1.50. Fast forward to 1986, and Carmike then took control of The Park and continued to use the Park as a second-run theatre. By 1998, Carmike 12 and Buccaneer 3 took business away from The Park and its doors eventually closed [Glenn, Michael. "State Theatre."].


In November of 2016, the owner of Raleigh's Lincoln Theatre took control of the theatre and reverted back to the State Theatre name. Originally slated to open its doors in 2018, setbacks halted the re-opening until January 26th of 2019. With its opening this year, the State Theatre generated around 30 jobs for Greenville and fills a void a for live music venue in the Uptown District, within walking distance of ECU's main campus. With previous acts such as Citizen Cope and future acts like Matisyahu performing at the State Theatre, the State Theatre is revitalizing the live music scene in Eastern North Carolina. Even R&B singer T-Pain made a brief performance at the State Theatre to congratulate local, favorite Sup Dogs Restaurant for winning Barstool's Best College Bar in America contest [Glenn, Michael. "State Theatre."], ["State Theatre Opening in Uptown Greenville."].

With a growing list of shows, the State Theatre is emerging as Eastern North Carolina's best spot for live music. To view their upcoming show list, visit

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