ECU Health

ECU Health in Greenville, NC is a healthcare system that has been serving the community since 1974. With a mission to improve the health and well-being of the people of eastern North Carolina and beyond, ECU Health has grown to become a leading provider of healthcare services in the region.

The healthcare system is anchored by the East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine, which has been training physicians and other healthcare professionals for over 40 years. This close relationship between ECU Health and the medical school allows for a unique and collaborative approach to patient care, research, and education.

ECU Health offers a wide range of healthcare services, including primary care, specialty care, surgery, and rehabilitation. With multiple locations throughout eastern North Carolina, ECU Health is able to provide convenient access to care for patients throughout the region.

One of the key strengths of ECU Health is its commitment to patient-centered care. This approach focuses on treating the whole person, not just their medical condition, and involves a partnership between patients, their families, and their healthcare providers. This approach has been shown to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, and is an important aspect of the ECU Health philosophy.

Another important aspect of ECU Health is its commitment to research and innovation. The healthcare system is home to a number of research centers and institutes, including the East Carolina Heart Institute, the Center for Health Disparities Research, and the Center for Aging and Health. These centers bring together experts in various fields to collaborate on cutting-edge research projects aimed at improving patient care and advancing medical knowledge.

In addition to its clinical and research activities, ECU Health is also involved in community outreach and education. The healthcare system partners with local organizations and schools to promote health and wellness, and offers a range of educational programs for healthcare professionals and the general public.

Overall, ECU Health is a vital healthcare resource for eastern North Carolina and beyond. With its patient-centered approach, commitment to research and innovation, and dedication to community outreach and education, ECU Health is well-positioned to continue to improve the health and well-being of the people it serves for many years to come.

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