Don't Make This Mistake When Selling a Home

Sellers are taking full advantage of the hot real estate market. Currently, sellers have most of the leverage and selling their homes quickly for top dollar. While most sellers are benefiting from the current market, some sellers are making a major mistake that is becoming more common.

The biggest mistake that sellers can make during a seller’s market is listing themselves or listing with an agency that charges a minimal fee. It is totally understandable that sellers want to maximize their profit. Since sellers are currently receiving top dollar for their homes, with extraordinarily little to negotiate, sellers have now turned their attention to how much is spent on commissions to sell their homes.

Do not get me wrong, it is fine to save money when selling a home. The trap that some sellers place themselves into is thinking that they can sell their own home or get someone else to sell their home for cheaper. Tyre Realty Group is not knocking anyone that chooses one of these two paths. Conversely, we are merely mentioning that to save money, this might not be the best option. For example, I could cut my own hair and save more money monthly. However, I am not trained to cut hair and would not want to be seen in public with an atrocity of a haircut on my head. Like barbers and hairdressers, real estate agents provide a huge value with the professional service we provide.

There are two main advantages a successful real estate agent provides. First, the real estate professional provides maximum exposure and marketing for a home. An owner attempting to list the home is going to use social media and free sites like Zillow and Yes, those are effective, but only to a small degree. The best exposure to sell a home is with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The MLS will market the property to all licensed REALTORS® and provide them with the necessary information to sell the home. There are agencies that will list homes in the MLS for independent sellers for a flat fee. Yes, this does provide extra exposure, but it is still not enough. Open houses are another form of marketing that agents provide to their seller clients. An open house gives a live walkthrough to potential buyers. An agent working for a flat fee will most certainly not be conducting an open house.

There are also agents that are willing to sell a home for a lower commission that other firms. But this brings me to my second advantage. A successful real estate company will also have a large pool of buyer leads to sell your home faster. Buyer leads are important because these are already qualified buyers waiting for a home they like to hit the market. In real estate, you get what you pay for. If an agent is working for less that other agents, the most common conclusion is that the agent needs the business and is happy to make a lower commission. However, if the agent is needing the business, that agent probably does not have a lot of buyer leads to help sell your home faster.

At Tyre Realty Group, we are Eastern North Carolina’s leader in sales for the past ten consecutive years. We have been the best in the area because we advertise properties better and have the most buyer leads than anyone else. Our marketing team dominates social media in a way that no other firm can compete with on a regular basis. TRG is the only real estate company in Eastern North Carolina to employ a marketing team strictly to advertise our clients’ homes. And, TRG has a database of over 15,000 buyer leads. If you are looking for the right team to help you sell your home, contact us today for a free consultation!

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