Jason Ebeling


(252) 758-4663 Ext. 132

Jason is originally from Minnesota where he met and married his amazing wife Lora in 1993. Together they have 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls). In 2005, he moved his family to Greenville, NC to start and plant a new church and continues to pastor there today. Working with the people of Greenville these past 15 years has allowed him to see the best (and the not so good) in people and it has also helped him recognize that his greatest strength is genuinely caring about people and wanting what’s best for them. When Jason is not working, you’ll usually find him doing one of three things, spending time with family and friends, fixing or building something, or anything outdoors or sports related.


Jason was responsive to what we were looking for. He knew we were on a tight window to view houses and narrowed the search. He heard what we wanted and responded to that request. Loved his demeanor and professionalism!
Lynette Landers