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Brody School of Medicine

Brody School of Medicine (East Carolina University photo)

 East Carolina University's Brody School of Medicine, the only four-year medical school in the region, was established in 1974. It's grown from a class of 28 to one of North Carolina's largest academic medical centers.

  The mission of the Brody School of Medicine is to increase the state's primary care physicians, improve the health of the citizens of eastern North Carolina and enhance the access of minority and disadvantaged students to a medical education. Emphasis is on family medicine and primary care.

 The school has an annual enrollment of about 470 students and more than 500 faculty members and researchers.

 The Brody School of Medicine campus is located adjacent to Vidant Medical Center, a state-of-the-art hospital that serves as the primary teaching site for the school's impatient services. Students also run a free medical clinic at Greenville  Community Shelter and help staff the James D. Bernstein Community Health Center for low-income or medically under-served rural families.


 The Brody School of Medicine is considered one of the highest value medical schools in the United States. The average amount of debt for a Brody graduate is $60,000, less than the average amount for other medical schools.

 In 2016, The Brody School of Medicine was ranked 4th in the nation for preparing family doctors. The annual study found  that 16.7% of the graduates selected family medicine training after graduation -- nearly double the national average.

 The Brody School of Medicine is recognized nationally for the number of its graduates practicing primary care, approximately 42 percent.

 Many of the graduates remain in North Carolina to practice medicine; 1 out of 5 doctors in the state are Brody graduates.

 The Brody School of Medicine was a pioneer in telemedicine and leads a statewide telepsychiatry initiative aimed at improving mental health access in a way that's cost effective.