Once an agent gets licensed, choosing the correct firm is essential. When selecting a company to work for, two main questions should arise: 1) How am I going to get leads from this company? and 2) What training will I receive to convert those leads?

Upon hiring, most firms provide the new agent with a desk, an office phone and a place to hang their license. Then, the agent is told to go out and sell. Most of the time, this is without any type of training. Or, the company provides training but the agent must pay for this training.

At Tyre Realty Group, we understand that if our agents are not selling, then our agents will not stay. To help, TRG provides in-house, free training to all new hires. This training is both in the classroom and out in the field training. All new hires will learn the TRG way of accepting leads, converting leads, showing properties, holding open houses and how to properly use the contracts to give their buyer a competitive advantage. The training coincides with a training manual with worksheets, a checklist, and a scripting book.

Did we mention that this is all provided for free? No, there are no hidden fees where the training cost will show up on our agent's monthly office bill. Actually, the only cost that is charged to our agents is their monthly MLS access fees. All of our training is included for free and given to all new hires. TRG is currently looking for all-stars to add to our buyer team. If TRG sounds like the company for you, please apply at www.TRGcareer.com today!