Tyre Realty Group is unlike any firm in Eastern North Carolina. Our company believes that success starts at the top and filters down. Our Broker-in-Charge, who is also the owner of Tyre Realty Group, is an integral part of the success that Tyre Realty Group shares. Our Broker-in-Charge is part of the everyday operations of the company and is always available for coaching or any type of help any of the agents might need. When the leader of the company hustles and is easily reachable for help, it creates a winning environment. This culture of winning that we experience in our office is contagious. Regardless of your experience in real estate, if you are looking for a company with an engaged and hands-on Broker-in-Charge, then maybe Tyre Realty Group is the firm for you. To apply for a position with our company, visit www.TRGCareer.com today!