If you have been following along for the past eight weeks, we have reached the preverbal light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout this Seller Strategy series, we have journeyed through the selling process. If you have read along, we have taken you from choosing an agent, deciding your seller net, tips and tricks for selling your home, to being under contract, and everything in-between. Thank you for following along. Today is our final post, and we will focus on the best part of the transaction: closing.

Before the deed for the home is recorded in another’s name, sellers will need to remove all their personal property and trash. If any personal property was negotiated as part of the offer, or outside of the transaction, then, of course, that will stay. Typically, right before closing, or the night before, buyers will complete a “final walkthrough” of the home to ensure everything is “in the same or better condition” than when they first saw the home to illicit the offer. While some sellers only move their items out of the home, some sellers decide to leave a lasting impression on the home by cleaning the home prior to closing. The main goal of a final walkthrough is to ensure that there is not any notable damage that occurred during the move, and, possibly, to verify any repairs.

For buyers and sellers, closing constitutes the end of the ride. For sellers, closing is a little bit different. Buyers will attend closing at their attorney’s office and sign the necessary loan documents. However, for sellers, since there are no loan documents to sign, closing is less complicated. For the most part, sellers are not even part of the closing with the buyers. Sellers typically sign all their documents before the buyer attends their part of closing. After everything is signed, and the deed is recorded in the new owners’ names, sellers then wait on their proceeds check, if applicable. The transaction is then considered complete.

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