Guaranteed SOLD in 99 Days or it's FREE!

When you want to sell your home, most agents come out and put a "For Sale" sign in your yard and that's pretty much it. But the agents at Tyre Realty Group spend thousands of dollars each month to get exposure for your home so it sells fast.

In fact, they put their paychecks on the line. If the agents at Tyre Realty Group can't sell your Pitt County, NC, home in 99 days, they don't charge you. Now that's confidence in their abilities to find the right buyer for your home.

If you and your home qualify, you may accept the guarantee that Tyre Realty Group will sell your present home at an agreed upon price within 99 days -- or we will sell it for free.

Obviously, there are limitations and the program is not available to all homes, but if you qualify, you may choose to accept the 99-day guarantee.

To top it all off, working with the Tyre Realty Group is risk free. If at any point you're not happy, they let you out of the contract, free and clear.

Last year, Tyre Realty Group outsold the average agent 17 to 1. They'll practically show up with a sold sign!
So when you're ready to list it, sell it and move on, call the top agents at Tyre Realty Group at 758-HOME.

How can this help the customer?
"If you follow our aggressive marketing system and we don't sell your home in 99 days, we will continue to try to procure a buyer -- but you don't have to pay us," Homer Tyre said. "That's money that stays in your pocket, money you can negotiate with. The key is to give you more options."
Is a customer that qualifies required to participate in the 99-day guarantee?
"By no means are you required to participate," Tyre said.
"Here is the best part. If you decide not to participate when your home goes on the market, at any time you can decided to do it. Circumstances change. Say your home is on the market for 30 days and you have a life change, for example a a job loss, a job opportunity, death, divorce. We encounter all of them. When life happens,  you may have circumstances that change your goals as a seller. At that point, you are able to revisit it. The 99 days will begin the day you accept the guarantee."

Why does Tyre Realty Group offer this guarantee?
"Where there is risk, there is reward," Tyre said. "We are hoping this encourages more people to give us an opportunity to show them our aggressive marketing system. We feel that if you follow our system, we will be able to sell your home. We will back our guarantee up and do it for free. You will not pay us any commission, but you will still pay a buyer's agent 3 percent. But you will not pay us anything."

See if your property qualifies