When the owners of Tyre Realty Group, Homer and Rachael Tyre, decided to start their own real estate firm, they had one mission in mind: improve the real estate experience for both consumers and brokers. Since 2010, they have worked diligently towards this goal, adding like-minded individuals along the way. As the company grew, so did the vision.

Unsatisfied with only improving the real estate experience, Tyre Realty Group has evolved this mission to include improving our community. While always being active in the community, TRG decided it was time to improve the community as well. This year, TRG held its first community outreach event, Karma Keg. Karma Keg is an event where our community can meet at a local brewery and drink beer for charity. At Karma Keg all participants build good karma by making a donation in your non-profit or charity's name. All we ask is for a minimum donation of $5 and fill out an entry form with their charity for the drawing at the end of the evening. A single ticket is drawn and all proceeds go to the charity chosen. in its inaugural event, TRG helped raise $750 for Third Street Education Center, which had a 1/79 chance of winning. TRG plans to hold Karma Keg quarterly, with the second installment occurring on August 22 at Pitt Street Brewing Company.

For years, TRG has silently supported Sella Home, Save a Child. At the beginning of this year, TRG has started promoting this non-profit organization at Karma Keg and on all of their social media platforms. TRG has even expanded to spotlighting a different local charity every month on social media. As always, TRG is a big supporter of ECU and ECU athletics. TRG has many future plans of being more involved in the community that has given so much to the company. 

Tyre Realty Group is not a normal firm where the agents hang a license, are assigned a desk and sell homes. Tom Brokaw once said, "It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference." TRG is looking to add all-stars who not only excel in their career but also want to make a difference in Pitt County. If you are interested in joining our team, please apply at www.TRGcareer.com.