Real estate moves quickly, especially when the market is hot, as it is now. Even when the real estate market is booming, not all leads are ready to list or purchase the same day. A REALTOR'S® success is dependent on their lead management. At Tyre Realty Group, one agent could have thirty-five prospects and five families under contract, with more leads coming in daily. This is a lot for one agent to manage on his or her own. A customer relationship management system or CRM, is a database that assists agents with their lead management.

A major concern for REALTORS® is the inconsistency of pay. Agents only get paid if the home they are helping to sell or buy closes. Oftentimes, real estate agents will notice peaks and valleys with their paychecks. One month, the agent can have multiple closings and the next not close a single home. Typically, brokers prospect and nurture leads to get them to the signing table. Then, those clients go under contract and the agent is managing the deal, losing sight of the work it took to get him or her those transactions. Once those homes close, the agent then has to go back and work leads to generate more business. With lead management software or a CRM, it allows the agent to manage their leads. If used correctly, the CRM will help the agent avoid peaks and valleys with income. 

A CRM is a large database where all of an agent's leads are housed and organized. Unfortunately, not all companies supply a CRM for their agents. For an individual agent, a CRM can be too costly every month. At Tyre Realty Group, all of our agents are provided a CRM to use for free. No, there are not any hidden fees for use of this CRM monthly at TRG. TRG uses a top-of-the-line CRM system where our agents can log phone calls, text, email, set-up saved searches, track activity the lead's activity on our home hunter web site and much more. Did I mention that it is all for free?

Tyre Realty Group is actively looking to add more agents to our all-star team. If you are interested in a unique opportunity to join a tech-savvy, innovative company, visit and apply today!