The purchase of a home is a major milestone for any family. Choosing an agent to make your family's dreams come true is an important decision. Yes, any REALTOR® can be a buyer's agent. However, for purchasers, the relationship between agent and client is special and can lead to either happiness or regret in your next home. Who are buyer's agents and what are their responsibilities?

As per the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, a buyer's agent duties are to "promote your best interests, be loyal to you, follow your lawful instructions, provide you with all material facts that could influence your decisions, use reasonable skill, care, and diligence, and account for all monies they handle for you." Also, a buyer's agent "may not give any confidential information about you to sellers or their agents without your permission so as long as they represent you." Regardless of their wishes or their comany's wishes, a buyer's agent job is to represent buyers (within the scope of the law) from seeing homes to putting a home under conract for you to ensuring you close on your next home.

In the beginning, a buyer's agent will find out what the purchaser is searching for in their next home. This agent will then search the MLS to find homes that fit their buyers's criteria. Once a list of homes are picked, the REALTOR® will take the buyer out to view the homes. Then, when the buyer(s) find their next home, their broker will coach make sure the buyer(s) receives the best deal possible without over-paying. Buyer's agents should be checking market reports and composing a comparable market analysis. After terms have been negotiated, the buyer's agent will manage the transaction for the buyer. This agent will be responsible for the accounting, as well as schedule inspections and then the negotiating of any necessary repairs. Upon closing, the buyer's agent's duties include protecting the buyer until closing, including conducting a final walkthrough of the home to enure the home the buyer is purchasing has not been damaged and is in the same condition from time of offer.

At Tyre Realty Group, we have assembled a team of the area's top agents. All of our buyer's agents are trained to keep the buyer's best interests in mind. Our buyer's agents not only help purchase the homes for our buyers, but also coach and advise them to get the best deal possible. Our buyer's agents are custmer service all-stars. If you are needing a buyer's agent to help with the purchase of your new home, please send us a Direct Message on our social media platforms (@tyrerealtygroup) or call us at (252) 758-HOME (4663).