In real estate. a REALTOR® wears many different hats. An agent can be a buyer's agent one minute, then turn around and become a listing agent. A broker may also be their own marketing team, receptionist, accountant, administrative assistant, mentor, coach, contract specialist, and many, many more occupations. Throughout a single real estate transaction, over forty-five different individuals will touch the transaction at least once. It can be overwhelming for one agent to handle all the responsibilities involved with just one deal. And, for real estate agents, the name of the game is more transactions.

At Tyre Realty Group, to optimize performance, we operate as a team. By working as a team, we are able to allow our agents to provide assistance to more families than an individual agent. To help our agents, Tyre Realty Group employs a full-time administrative staff, who are also fully licensed REALTORS® as well. Two of our administrative staff members are full-time closing coordinators. Our closing coordinators help manage transactions. When one of our agents put a home under contract, the transaction is assigned to a closing coordinator who helps see the transaction to closing.

On average, 25% of all real estate transactions will not meet their closing date. At Tyre Realty Group, our closing coordinators have a 98% success rate of getting homes closed on time. As previously mentioned, over forty-five different people will touch a single transaction. Our closing coordinators act as a communications liaison for all of these individuals. Plus, our closing coordinators double check contracts and make sure our files are in compliance with lender and North Carolina Real Estate Commission guidelines. This allows our agents to do what they are able to do best: SELL!

If this team atmosphere with a full-time support staff interests you, maybe Tyre Realty Group is the company for you! We are currently looking to hire hard-working, licensed buyer's agent to join our accomplished team. If you are interested in a new, exciting opportunity, please apply at: