Real estate is ever-changing. Since real estate is dynamic, real estate professionals are unable to predict market conditions. A real estate transaction is a monumental milestone in anyone's life. If the real estate market is unpredictable, how are buyers and sellers supposed to find solace in knowing this major purchase is the correct investment?

While we are unable to predict market conditions tomorrow, next year or even ten years from now, we can look at current market conditions. If we use current market conditions, we can make the best inference to the market. A market report will help buyers and sellers with with enuring the are not under-valuing or overpaying for a current home. Since real estate professionals, or anyone else, are unable to predict future value, real estate professionals focus on ensuring that the consumer is receiving the correct value.

A market report will show consumers and real estate professionals current market conditions. It does this by calculating all sales from the beginning of the year for a particular area. From the most recent sales, we can infer current value for a property. A successfule REALTORĀ® will use botha comparative market analysis and a current market report to assist sellers with maintaining value and protect buyers from overpaying.

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