Here's a touch of Americana for your front door: a no-sew fabric wreath created with red, white and blue bandanas.

 What a fun way to welcome guests to your home for an Independence Day cookout.

Patriotic Bandana Wreath


  •  Styrofoam circle wreath form
  •  1 red bandana
  •  1 white bandana
  •  1 blue bandana
  •  Scissors


 1. Cut the bandanas into approximately 3-inch wide strips.

 2. Fold a strip into a U shape under the wreath and pinch the two loose ends together.

 3. Fold the ends down over the wreath and through the loop to make a knot. Pull it tight.

 4. Repeat process, alternating red, white and blue strips side by side.

 5. Fluff the ends of each strip to add fullness.