Men have Man Caves -- and now women have She Sheds.

 The She Shed concept isn't new, but it's continuing to gain popularity around the country, making it an emerging trend in home design.

 Women are pouring their creativity into designing elaborate hideaways out of backyard storage buildings, taking private sanctuaries to the next level.

 If your property has a neglected outbuilding, abandoned greenhouse, garden shed or free-standing garage, why not spruce it up as a "ladies' room"? If the kids are grown, take over their playhouse! Or purchase a prefabricated shed at a home improvement store.

  Some folks with skills build their own She Shed using recycled planks, doors and windows.

 (You may need a building permit, so investigate before you start. Also, your homeowners' association may have specific rules about the size, color and placement of outbuildings, so look into that before you begin.)

 Here are some tips for creating a She Shed, and some photos to inspire you. Check Pinterest for other great ideas.

 1. Paint the interior and exterior a favorite color. The man of the house may not like yellow, but this isn't his space -- so go for it. Or indulge in a couple of shades of your preferred pink, a bright one for the outside and a blush shade for the inside. A calming light blue is always a good idea.

 2. Make it comfy! An old cushioned arm chair and a pretty side table maybe be all you need. If you want a napping spot, make a day bed with a single mattress pushed against the wall and covered with a pretty quilt. Even if you are using outdoor furniture, plop on some pretty pillows to dress them up.

 3. Set up your space so you can enjoy your favorite hobby. Bring in your easel, brushes and paints for an art space. A desk with comfortable chair, writing equipment and paper is all you need for a writer's retreat. Make a reading nook with a love seat and ottoman, and bookshelf for treasured novels.

 4. If your shed has electricity, install lighting so you can use the space after dark or on rainy days. Chandeliers make a big statement in the small space.

 And add a mini refrigerator for drinks and snacks, or perhaps a single-serve coffee maker and K-cups for favorite hot beverages.

 (If you want to add electricity to an existing shed, you may need a permit for electrical wiring. Consider hiring a professional for this task.)

 Your She Shed should reflect your personality and your hobbies, whether it's a feminine space for having a glass of wine with friends or a spare space for mediation and yoga.

 This special space will enhance your life -- and enhance the value of your home, as well.

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