April showers leave behind standing water, the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

 The City of Greenville, NC Public works offers list of potential egg-laying sites around your property -- and how to prevent them from harboring those irritating pests.

 * Roof gutters: Clean out leaves and debris frequently to ensure water flows freely and does not accumulate.

 * Black corrugated pipes for downspout drainage: Grooves in plastic pipes can hold enough water to breed mosquitoes. Treat with a larvicide.

 * Buckets, watering cans, drinking glasses, plastic cups, bottle caps, or any trash that can hold water: Store indoors or turn over. If trash, recycle or throw away.

 * Cans and containers: Throw away, store indoors, turn upside down, drill holes in the bottom, or empty after rain showers.

 * Old tires: Recycle or store where they won't collect rainwater. For playground use, drill water drainage holes. For disposal information in Greenville, call 252-329-4522.

 * Bird baths: Change the water or flush out and clean with a garden hose at least once a week.

 * Ornamental ponds: Stock with fish (fish eat mosquito larvae), filter/aerate the water with a re-circulation pump or treat with a larvicide as needed.

 * Potted plants with saucers: Empty saucers or flush out with a garden hose once a week.

 * Dripping outdoor faucets and window air conditioners: If water puddles, repair faucet. Place rocks under window air conditioner to ensure water runoff.

 * Swimming pools: If unused or abandoned, treat with Mosquito Dunks once a month. Mosquitoes can't survive in maintained swimming pools because of the chemicals used.

 * Children's toys: Store indoors or in a manner that prevents water accumulation. Note that some toys have inner compartments that can hold water.

 * Tarps on wood piles and garden equipment: Empty water that collects in folds and sagging areas. Tighten or straighten so water runs off.

 * Wheelbarrows: Turn over when not in use.

 * Under decks, porches or outbuildings: Fill in depressions where water can collect. Remove any container that can collect water.

 * Garbage cans, recycle bins, other barrels: Keep covered or drill drainage holes in bottom. Place lids on garbage cans. Store bins and barrels to allow water run off.

 * Canoes, boats: Cover with a tight-fitting tarp or store upside down.

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